Islam means peace? (Islam)

Islam means peace through submission to Allah, so Muslims tell us non-Muslims. They frequently go further and say that this peace really denotes peace within a person and that this peace radiates outward to be instantiated as peace within a society, a nation, and eventually the world. What a beautiful thought, but is it the reality?

Fundamentalist Muslims inspired by their love of Islam with Qur’ans in their suitcases hijacked nonmilitary planes boarded with civilians and cowardly crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon… Islam means peace!

Thousands of innocent non-muslims who love their families and who believe that fundamentalist Muslims have the right to worship as they wish within mosques were cowardly killed by fundamentalist Muslims inspired by their love of Islam…Islam means peace!!

Palestinian Muslims inspired by their love of Islam took to the streets in Israel cheering the murder of non-muslim children by Muslim fundamentalists inspired by their love of Islam…Islam means peace!!!

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, all "so-called" Muslim countries maintain relations with known Islamic terrorist groups who inspired by their love of Islam want to kill non-muslims…Islam means peace!!!!

The Islamic Councils rhetorically denounced the cowardly terrorist acts done out of love of Islam. In the same article, they tactlessly used the opportunity to boast about the spread of Islam in the world…Islam means peace!!!!!

The peace of Islam preached by fundamentalist Muslims inspired by their love of Islam, the Islam of the Qur’an, is not peace. In reality, this Islam is a religion that sprang from a depraved soul and the souls that embrace this Islam become depraved. This Islam degrades human souls such that they are incapable of peace, even worse, these souls confuse treachery for peace.

The rhetoric of fundamentalist Muslims to make their Islam look like the peaceful answer to life’s problems was exposed the moment they committed atrocities against humanity. That Islam butchered defenseless civilians. That Islam murdered children.

That Islam has rendered the claims of Islamic da’wah devoid of credibility or intelligibility. That Islam has been morally exposed and been found guilty.

This brand of demonic religion from the mind of a demon was exposed to the world by cowardly Islamic terrorists who acted under the inspiration of their love of Islam. They found inspiration reciting their Qur’an. They found solace for their deeds by following the Sunnah of their brand of Islam.

No longer does the world need to respond to this Islam. All that is left is to expose this Islam for the utter degradation that it is. Muslims inspired by this Islam need not respond. You have given up the moral right to be heard until you condemn this Islam.